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Some fun or heartfelt words about how vendors add a lot to the show and how their efforts are appreciated.

If You Have Parts, We Have People Who Need Them

Copy here about what kind of vendors frequent the show and how far away they come from. Talk about why they would want to be a vendor here. Some fun or heartfelt words about how vendors add a lot to the show and how their efforts are appreciated as well.

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Vendor Resources

Vendor Spaces

Spaces are 10 x 20 feet.

Cars for Sale: $50.00/space

Swap Meet/Used Parts: $50.00/space

Commercial/New Parts: $60.00/space


* No T shirt vendors

No commercial entries will be accepted after July 1st, due to space limitations. Call the Frog Hotline (812-428-3764) to see if there is space availability before mailing your registration. It may take a day to get back to you. Please be patient.

Vendors should commit to being set up on SET UP DAY – Thursday, the day before the event starts.

E’ville Iron Street Rods, Ltd. will not guarantee that you will get the space you want by showing up on Friday or Saturday.

*No food vendors.  All food vending is handled by E’ville Iron Street Rods, Ltd.

* E’ville Iron Street Rods, Ltd. reserves the right to refuse, reject or remove vendors.

Valve Cover & Oil Pan Racers


General Info: Once racer is weighed in, it will be put in holding lanes, assigned a number, and heat scheduled, and it cannot be altered. Eliminations will be run of all class winners to determine top eliminator winner in each division i.e. One valve cover winner, One oil pan winner.

Classes will be run for kids thru 13 years of age and adults in each division. Only one entry per person.

Basic Rules: Valve Covers Oil Pans

  1. Maximum width 15 Inches 16 Inches
  2. Maximum Length 30 Inches 32 Inches
  3. Maximum Height 10 Inches 16 Inches
  4. Maximum Weight 10 Pounds 16 Pounds
  5. Minimum Scrub Line ** 1/2 Inch 1/2 Inch
  6. Minimum # Wheels * 4 4
  7. One Racer/Chassis
  8. One Driver/Racer
  9. Must be off of an automotive internal combustion engine
  10. No moving weight allowed
  11. No engine or propulsion of any kind except gravity
  12. Entrant MUST be registered participant of Frog Follies or family member

Stock Class: Any stock OEM valve cover/oil pan — no cutting or modifications except paint scheme and wheel and chassis attachment. Complete stock gasket surface must be maintained.

Custom Class: Any aftermarket valve cover/oil pan (Moroso, Cal Custom, Edelbrock, etc.) must retain stock gasket surface. Painting, wheels, breathers, are optional to builder.

Outlaw Class: Any butchered, chopped, sectioned, frenched or modified so as not to pass stock or custom class valve cover/oil pan is acceptable. Enough of an original valve cover or oil pan must remain so that the JUDGE can determine it was at one time attached to an internal combustion engine.

* Outlaw entrants can be less or more than 4 wheels.
** Outlaw entrants can have a scrub line less than 1/2 inch, but will run under penalty.


Prizes will be awarded as follows in each class. First place – $25.00, second place – $10.00, third place – $5.00. Trophies for top eliminator valve cover and top eliminator oil pan and for the most dynamite-looking racer will be awarded at the discretion of the event promoter, E’ville Iron. Event sanctioned by the NSFA.

Join us each August in Evansville, Indiana and stroll through rows of polished chrome, vibrantly painted, frog-decorated, creatively modified works of four-wheeled art.

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